Getting Ready for Vinyl Siding Installation in Tinley Park

After choosing the color and style, the homeowner is ready to work with the contractor to set a date for the vinyl Siding Installation in Tinley Park. Before the agreed upon date arrives, there are a few things the homeowner should do. Taking these steps will ensure the job gets off to a great start, and the project will be completed quickly.

Power Washing the Exterior

A day or two before the Siding Installation in Tinley Park begins, have the exterior walls washed thoroughly. Using a power washer is the most practical way to go about the task. The idea is to get rid of any buildup of dirt or grime that is present. With clean walls to work with, the installation crew can get right to the task of preparing the walls for the padding and the vinyl sections.

Clearing Out Work Spaces

Another way to help the process along is to make sure the crew can set up a work area with ease. Have the kids put away their bikes and any toys found in the yard? It also helps to turn the driveway over to the crew while the project is underway. Doing so will make unloading the sections easier and provide a hard surface for the work area.

Keeping Pets Away From the Crew

Pets are naturally curious about what is going on in their yards. Even if the family dog is friendly, the animal could easily get underfoot. The best approach is to keep the pet inside while the work is underway. If a neighbor happens to have a fence around the back yard, ask if the pet can spend the day there. Doing so would allow the dog to observe the activities and still ensure the crew is not distracted.

For more tips on how to prepare for a siding installation, talk to a professional from Visit Evergreen Window. During the conversation, ask about the advantages of installing new aluminum or vinyl windows at the same time. What the homeowner learns may be all it takes to understand how the new siding and new windows would make the home much easier to heat and cool.

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