From The French Chaise Longue To The American Chaise Lounge

by | Sep 19, 2014 | Furniture

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When you consider patio furniture, you usually consider a set. A patio set usually consists of several chairs, a table and an umbrella (parasol). In addition to these items, you may have a few solid Adirondack chairs as well as a few long lawn chairs or chaise lounges such as the Breezesta Chaise Lounge. Yet, what is the Chaise lounge? Where did it originate and how did it change?

The Formative Years

Before the French Chaise Longue, the Egyptians, the Mesopotamians, the Greeks and the Romans had a form of chairs and daybed they use to lounge upon. These original lounge chairs were made of a variety of material. They could be of:

  • Palm stalks lashed together with rawhide strips
  • Mortise-and-tenon construction – means of using wooden joints the mortise hole and the tenon tongue, to fit together wooden pieces
  • Wood bed frames with or without ivory or ebony embellishments (Egyptian)
  • Stone, marble or metal frames with carved wooden or bronze legs (Roman)

These pieces of furniture combined the benefits of a chair with a bed. They often served several purposes. They were daybeds. They acted as couches. They also were for lounging around during meals.

The Chaise Longue
The term chaise longue refers to any type of long reclining chair. It may indicate a deckchair or a lawn/lounge chair. Yet, this was not its original meaning. Although the term roughly means “long chair,” it indicated a type of daybed. An individual could lie down on this piece of furniture and stretch out his or her legs. It became very popular during the 18th century long before any form of Breezesta Chaise Lounge was in existence.

Variants of this daybed included the Duchesse brisee and the Duchesse en bateau. These variations on a style were adopted and adapted by the English and then the Americans. The form resembled an adjustable bed/chair hybrid. The flat slats, the reclining back and adjustable parts quickly became the basis of the Chaise Lounge.

The American Chaise Longue Today – The Breezesta Chaise Lounge

While chaise lounges are still sold made of wood, aluminum, wicker, plastic and wrought iron, current popularity includes newer materials resulting from technological advances and a concern for the environment. The result has been the invention of poly lumber or poly wood – a recyclable ad recycled polymer. Among the latest is the Breezesta Chaise Lounge. This is a truly American version that carries on the long standing tradition of chairs that can double as beds – when you least expect it.

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