Frequently Asked Questions About Nuisance Birds And Bird Control

by | Sep 3, 2015 | Pest Control

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Birds often find their way into attics and then build their nests. In addition to being a noisy nuisance, the materials that a bird brings into the attic for a nest can cause a house fire. To keep the birds away from your home, contact a professional company that has experience with Bird Control. Read the questions below to learn about nuisance birds and pest control options.

Q.) What types of damage can birds cause in the attic?

A.) Birds collect many different types of materials to make their nests, such as twigs, animal hair and dry grasses. In the right conditions during hot and dry weather, these nesting materials can catch on fire. Birds in the attic produce waste, and this is unhealthy to have inside of the house. Many birds carry bird mites, and when these tiny parasites get into your house, they can also get on your skin. When these mites get on humans, they bite and can cause the skin to become red and itch.

Q.) What does a pest control company do to keep birds out of the attic?

A.) Upon arrival, a pest control expert will inspect your home to determine the species of bird that’s in the attic. The technician will first remove the birds and nests out of the attic and then determine where the birds are getting into the home. Next, the technician will cover all of the openings on the house where birds can get inside. Other common methods of bird control include nets and spikes. Nets keep birds from landing and nesting in specific areas on your property. Bird spikes point into the air, and they’re placed on the roof to prevent birds from landing on the house and getting in the attic. Nets and spikes are two methods that a professional company that has experience with Bird Control uses to keep birds away from your home without doing them any harm.

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