Five Ideas for Creative Sliding Door Treatments

Adding sliding doors to your home is an excellent idea, especially if you have a patio. Glass doors leading to your garden or outdoors allow you to let more of that space into your interior. That’s a lovely view. Here are creative ideas to help you make the most of that new addition to your home.

Go Subtle with the Drapes

Combine style and practicality when you use roller shades with your sliding doors. They’re perfect for framing the doors. Ditch the heavy draperies. You don’t want to block your outdoors. Instead, you want an expansive view of the outdoors in your living room. Shop for sliding glass doors in Kennewick, WA, with a design that makes that possible.

Consider Thin Curtains

Thin, whispery light-colored curtains can add warmth and a note of elegance to your rooms. They’re also perfect for framing your sliding doors. Again, the curtains are light enough to let weak light in. If you don’t want the heat getting into the room, try that idea.

Add Tiebacks

Even if you have thin curtains, there are times when you need those curtains out of the way. If you have your nephews and nieces over, and your family is in the garden cooking Sunday brunch, you’ll need those patio doors wide and open. Get the curtains out of the way with tiebacks. Make sure you can secure them to the sides, so there won’t be anything standing in the way of your guests.

Filter the Light

If you want privacy, you can choose curtains that block off the light. Opaque curtains can help keep the light and prying eyes off your property.

Play with Style

Shop stylish curtains from Perfection Glass. They don’t need to be practical. If you want to add more color and fun to the space, have fun experimenting with curtains and sliding door treatments.

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