Enjoy the Lazy Days of Summer with a Swimming Pool Designed by a Swimming Pool Company in Long Island NY

by | Mar 20, 2015 | Swimming Pool

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When considering the installation of a swimming pool, homeowners are well-advised to consult with a Swimming Pool Company in Long Island NY. Sky Blue Pools Long Island NY is one company that is a family owned and operated swimming pool contracting company. Swimming pools add equity to a home and are an excellent source of exercise, relaxation and entertainment for both family and friends.

Experienced swimming pool contractors like Sky Blue Pools in Long Island NY are available to help homeowners consider all their options before breaking ground. Swimming pools come as above ground or in ground. Each has pros and cons. Some worth considering include:

Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and are constructed of aluminum, resin or steel. Above ground pools come in different sizes, and shapes, and some even have patterned liners. One major advantage of above ground pools is that they are removable.

In-Ground Pools

The three types of in-ground pools are vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete. In ground pools offer the most flexibility of design and are considered permanent structures. Below are some attributes of in-ground pools.

1. Vinyl pools are the least expensive of the three types. The vinyl is a flexible liner that fits firmly on a wall frame constructed of steel, aluminum or non-corrosive polymer material. Vinyl pool liners are easily punctured by sharp objects such as the family dog’s nails.

2. Fiberglass pools are pre-made in a factory and resemble giant bathtubs. They come in many shapes and sizes, and are low maintenance. The installation time for a fiberglass pool is about three days versus several weeks. Fiberglass pools are more expensive than their counterparts, However, they last twice as long.

3. Concrete pools are truly custom designed as they are built in any shape, size or style. They are ideal for sites with narrow or limited space, or that are on a hillside. Concrete pools typically consist of steel-reinforced gunite or shotcrete. The pool surface is coated with a cement-based coating called white coat, or marcasite.

The first step to being able to enjoy your own pool in your backyard this summer is contacting a Swimming Pool Company in Long Island NY. Ask their representative to guide you through the process of designing your dream pool. Add lounge chairs, inner-tubes, music and sunscreen. Visit their website at Skybluepools.net to discover available services.



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