Energy-Efficient Windows in Louisville, KY Lower Energy Costs

Homeowners are reeling from large increases in their heating and cooling bills. As the price of oil and gas continue to rise, people need to find ways to use less of them. If people walk by their windows and feel a cool breeze in the winter or warm air in the summer, then there are leaks around the window. If the energy efficient windows in Louisville, KY are older wood windows, the seal between the window and house frame has probably loosened. Wood absorbs moisture very easily. The moisture in the wood expands as the temperatures get cooler and then contracts as it gets warmer. It’s this movement that loosens the frames.

People replace windows so infrequently that they may not be aware of the changes in construction and technology that make today’s windows more energy efficient. A knowledgeable technician from Affordable Exteriors will carefully explain the product choices available. Vinyl window frames are much stronger than wood and they don’t easily absorb moisture. That means that the seal between the house and window will remain much tighter over the years. Energy-efficient windows also have more than one pane of glass. A safe gas is placed between the two panes to add insulation. In addition to help moderate the home’s temperature, it cuts down on outside noise as well.

Vinyl windows in Louisville have the color infused into their layers. Homeowners therefore never have to worry about painting them. They come in a variety of colors that will match any siding and trim combination. When they get dirty a damp cloth and some cleaning solution will easily clean them. People will also love the new easy-maintenance designs that let them conveniently clean the outside of the windows. Instead of having to climb on ladders, all they have to do is tilt the window inward.

These windows come in a variety of styles. Homeowners can choose among standard windows and garden or bay windows. The windows they order will be custom made for their home and come with a lifetime warranty. One of the owners of the company personally oversees the project and ensures that the homeowner is completely satisfied.

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