Effective Natural Squirrel Control in Rochester, NY

by | Aug 5, 2013 | Pest Control

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Squirrels are some of the biggest pest nuisances when they move into a person’s home. To many, they are cute little bushy tailed critters, but to those who had them in their attic, they are destructive beasts. Even so, many people do not want to kill them; they just want them removed from their property and out of their hair. Squirrels can cause serious damage to a home’s wood structure and wiring. They can also wreak havoc on gardens. Hiring squirrel control in Rochester, NY like BUGMAN Pest Elimination can help to remove the vermin in a humane manner.

Some homeowners try everything to discourage squirrels from find houses attractive for nesting purposes. But often, this is not enough. For squirrel control in Rochester, NY, you need a professional who is familiar with the animal’s life-cycle and habits. These people also know the best methods to capture the critters and how to prevent future infestations. Live traps cost money, so it may be best to just go ahead and spend the money on a professional to do the job quickly. The creatures will also be removed safely, and you won’t have to worry about finding a new home for them.

A humane method is preferred for many reasons. Poison is typically set out for the squirrels to eat, but other animals and birds have access, and may be killed in the process. Poison also can contaminate the water and ground where it is placed. The squirrel control in Rochester, NY services almost all use a live trap method. Killing the animals is not the answer when this is available.

To prevent further issues once the squirrels have been removed, the squirrel control in Rochester, NY service will identify their points of entry. These must be sealed up, and done with a better material than plain wood. A determined squirrel seeking a warm shelter can chew this in no time, and then you’re back to square one. All chimneys should be sealed with a cap if not in use. This will keep squirrel mommas from considering the structures as nests for their young.



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