Eco friendly grass cloth wallcovering

by | May 14, 2014 | Home and Garden

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Wallpaper has been a favorite wallcovering for many years, there is ample evidence of it in Victorian and Georgian homes from the 19th century. It is still extremely popular today and is used by savvy decorators when the call is for style and sophistication. There are huge numbers of options available in today’s market; traditional paper, vinyl, cork and grass cloth wallcovering are all hugely popular. Grass cloth is becoming more and more popular as a wide variety of coverings are now available in many different colors and textures.

Of course the primary reason for choosing any wallcovering is looks and durability. Paint and tile surfaces are often used in the kitchen and bath as they are easy to clean and resistant to water and other splashes. Vinyl wallpaper is very popular for use in children’s rooms as it is available in hundreds of different designs which depict everything from nursery rhyme characters to the child favorite action hero. Grass cloth wallcovering is a favorite in a dining room or as an accent wall in a family room or great room.

Grass wallcovering brings an element of texture into a room which is difficult to achieve with any other material. This material is used wisely by the decorator when depth and character are required in the room; the room instantly gives off an aura of warmth and comfort. It is possible to focus attention on the walls without having to resort to bold colors or patterns.

Although the decorative angle is that which makes it most popular, there are many people who swing toward it due to the eco-friendliness of it. Grass wallcovering reduces greatly the amount of non renewable resources that other wall coverings use, petroleum products in particular. Vinyl wallpaper and many paints use petroleum in their manufacture; this is not the case with grass cloth wallcovering. This wall cover is designed to support sustainable living initiatives; the grass that is used is collected from renewable sources, often by indigenous peoples in different parts of the world.

When natural materials are used in the home, not only for wallcovering but for many other components, people are well aware that they are not introducing potentially harmful chemicals into their homes internal spaces.

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