Don’t Let Water In With Roof Damage Repairs For Newnan GA

Water damage inside of a home is common whenever damage has occurred to a roof. Leaking skylights and missing shingles are just two items that can create a problem. Old shingles and improperly sealed roof vents are also a reason for Roof Damage Repairs for Newnan GA. The storms in Georgia can be quite severe with large hail and damaging winds. Hail damage is not usually visible from ground level. Only a professional roofing inspection can verify if the roof has suffered damage. Other signs of damage that are more prominent are missing shingles, curled shingles and shingles that are not completely in place.

As the wind batters the shingles, older shingles that are slightly curled from heat will let air under the edges. The wind can pull the shingle partially loose which allows water to seep under the protective barrier. Loosened shingles are also sometimes hard to see from the ground level. Climbing onto a roof when you are not properly trained is very dangerous. Shingles that are wet are incredibly slippery. Even dry shingles can be slippery whenever there is no UV beaded coating left on them. It makes more sense to have the roof inspected by a company that handles Roof Damage Repairs for Newnan GA.

Inspections by a professional roofing company are free. There is no obligation to purchase services or products. They can evaluate the roof and inform the owner of any repairs that are needed or give the owner an estimate or replacing the roof. If a roof is damaged, they will also assist the homeowner of how to file the necessary paperwork needed with the insurance company to pay for repairs. Mortgage and insurance companies require that homeowners protect the structure. Leaving a home or business with a leaking or faulty roof could leave the owner liable to pay for all of the repairs.

Whether there has been a recent storm or not, if your roof is older than 10 years old, it should be inspected by a professional. Roofing is now more energy efficient and also lasts longer than the older roofing material.

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