Doing An Effective Skunk Removal In Dublin OH

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Animal Removal

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When a homeowner discovers there are skunks living underneath their structure, it is likely they will want to take steps in having them vacate the area as soon as possible. Since skunks are at risk for contracting rabies, in addition to having an offensive odor when they spray, removal should be done with care. Here are some ways skunks can be removed so the homeowner and their family can once again enjoy their outdoor living space without worry.

Call A Professional To Do The Job

When dealing with a skunk problem, it is best to call a service that deals with skunk removal in Dublin OH on a regular basis. They will have the means to transport skunks to another area without harming them in the process. They will also know the behaviors that skunks display, making it easier for them to be able to capture them so they can be removed from the property.

Remove Attractions To Encourage Skunks To Leave

If skunks do not have food or water source on the property, it is likely they will vacate the area completely so that they will find sustainability that they need. Covering all outdoor waters sources, such as fountains or ponds, can make it more difficult for skunks to get much-needed moisture. It is best to refrain from feeding outdoor animals until a skunk problem is eliminated, so they do not have food within easy reach. Make sure to keep garbage cans in a secure location and do not place them outdoors until scheduled pickup time.

Take The Time To Seal Off Areas Where Skunks Were Noticed

After skunks are removed from a property, it is important to seal off the area where they were noticed, so another batch of skunks does not use the area for their own living space. Using pieces of wire or wood can be beneficial in sealing off spots underneath a home so they cannot be accessed.

When there is a need for Skunk removal in Dublin OH, calling the right service to come to the rescue is necessary. Contact Your Ohio Wildlife Pro to find out more.

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