Do It Yourself Sewer Cleaning Tips for Based Drains

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Cleaning Tips and Tools, Plumbing

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A sudden gurgling noise coming from your pipes or water basins, followed by the emergence of an odorous, black and dirty looking substance appearing out from the drain pipes is an indication of a clogged or chocked sewer line. These blockages may occur due to the presence of roots or other unwanted items inside the drain which stubbornly refuse to float away.

Not only this, sewer drains can become choked due to several reasons. When biodegradable items interrupt the flow of water or when solid domestic waste or tree roots get accumulated inside your drains. If you wish to fix this issue, you have to get rid of the blockage with the help of an auger. Fixing a clogged sewer or drain pipe is not an enjoyable task. Also, many folks are not able to perform this task with ease and efficiency. Therefore, there are sewer cleaning services in Chicago.

However, it is not possible for the individuals to always reach professional agencies at the time of an emergency. In such cases, they will have to accomplish this task on their own.

Here are a few important do-it-yourself sewer cleaning tips for based drains.

* First of all, users need to look for the clean-out plug of the drain pipe which is located either at the initial or the terminal end of the pipeline. It is located in the basement of the house, right where the pipe exists or enters the wall of your basement.

* Place a bucket or a plastic tarp just below the plug to check the flow of messy sewage water. Next, using a pipe wrench, loosen the out plug and remove it. Make it loose enough to allow the drainage of debris rich water outside. Once the solid particles are drained out and the flow of water has receded, remove the plug instantly.

* Take a heavyweight plumber’s snake or an auger and introduce it into the opening of the plug. Pump it back and forth inside, by applying force. Make sure that the tool is flexible so that it can reach every nook and corner of the sewer. Continue pushing the auger inside till it stops at the site of blockage.

* Once you have located the blocked stop, try to push the auger forward so as to break apart or dislodge the clogged particles. Pour at least 7 to 10 buckets of hot water inside the pipe through clean-out plug opening. This will dissolve the clogs coming in its way. If the water flows freely through the pipe, it indicates that the pipe is free from clots.

* If the water flow is getting obstructed or it is standing still in the pipe, you will have to reinsert the auger by applying more pressure this time. Repeat the procedure until the pipe is thoroughly cleaned.

* Cover the clean out plug with Teflon tape and place it back at by with the help of a pipe wrench. Lastly, prevent the dumping of solid wastes into the drains.

If the problem continues to persist, you should immediately seek help from a nearby sewer cleaning company in Chicago. For professional sewer cleaning services in Chicago, contact Apex Plumbing & Sewer, Inc.

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