Debunking Common Myths About Westport Wood Windows to Put Your Mind at Ease

With so many different types of window materials available, the original window material, wood, often gets overlooked. Sometimes, this is merely a stylistic decision, while in other cases, wood is avoided due to some common myths that accompany its use.

No matter which type of window material you choose, it’s good to be well-informed about your options to ensure you make the best decision for your needs. Here are a few common myths about wood windows in Westport, CT, and the reasons why they don’t hold water.

They’re Not Durable
One of the most common reasons that people avoid wood windows is because of the myth that wood windows are not durable. The idea of rotting wood windows that are barely holding together is a popular one in a world where vinyl windows seem to reign supreme.

However, thanks to modern wood treatments, wood windows in Westport, CT, can be just as durable as vinyl windows and are often more durable. A big perk of wood windows is that small sections of the frame can be replaced, whereas a damaged vinyl window has to be replaced entirely. This helps wood windows look newer and better for longer.

They’re Not Strong
In today’s world, windows are seen as one of the most important defenders against energy loss in a home. To be energy-efficient, though, windows have to be at least double-glazed, if not triple-glazed. This causes a problem when people assume that wood window frames aren’t strong enough to handle the increased weight of an extra piece of glass or two.

Strength, however, is based more on how a window is built than what it’s made of. A well-designed and constructed wood window can easily take the weight of extra panes of glass, providing a beautiful and long-lasting window in the process.

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