Considering Whether to Replace or Repair Your Air Conditioning in Westport CT

To help you decide whether to repair or replace your Air Conditioning in Westport CT, air conditioning businesses have a few suggestions about the factors that you might consider and weigh against each other to help you make the wisest investment. The values of these various factors are going to be different for everyone, so there is no single wise answer that is best for each consumer.

Take into consideration the age of the equipment you have now. If it is at least 10 years old, that is not too soon to consider replacing it, because new air conditioning systems now are much more efficient than systems from 10 years ago. Look for the Energy Star sticker or paper that comes with each one. It should give you a fairly good idea of what kinds of numbers you can reasonably expect.

The Westport CT air conditioning technician can help you assess the performance you’re getting out of your current system. Take the time to get out your utility bills for the past air conditioning season, and take a look at what you’ve paid and the kilowatts used during those months. Compare that to the estimated costs per kilowatt hour on the Energy Star label.

If your current system is malfunctioning, ask for the total estimated cost for the repair and the labor. Ask if the repair they suggest would be a permanent repair, as opposed to if they’re thinking that the best they would be able to do would be only a temporary fix to tide you over for awhile. Have you needed similar repairs on this unit in the past? Have you had to replace the compressor or heat exchanger recently? Do some rooms in the house feel like they’re never cool enough or never warm enough? Are different rooms heating and cooling differently? Does the equipment shut off and come back on all the time?

Consider how much money you may have put into the unit already, and whether that is worth it as an investment to keep the equipment going versus if you’re going to have to keep paying out for similar repairs on the unit. Is your warranty still in effect?

Finally, think about how long you plan to keep that house. Whether or not you may decide to move in the next couple of years, and what that may mean for prospective buyers, will also play into your decision. Visit Climate Care for more details. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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