Cleaning Services in Bellingham, WA and Dealing With the Mess and Smell in Your Lobby

by | Aug 8, 2014 | General

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How bad does your lobby look? Have you noticed that people prefer to stand rather than sit in your lobby? If this is the case, they may not want to sit down for fear of becoming dirty. For example, if they can see that the trash can is falling over with debris, the carpet looks stained and there is an odor in the lobby, they may feel that you do not care enough to even bother with dusting off the seats. With this in mind, it is time to hire the best Cleaning Services in Bellingham WA.

When your lobby looks like a hot mess, people notice it. They may even think that you will miss details in your work or fail to complete projects based on how your lobby looks. For this reason, some of your prospects may have canceled their appointments when they walked into the lobby and smelled the dirty carpet. Carpets can smell badly. This can happen as people track in things from the outside or inside of their home. For example, they could be tracking in pet hair, mud and dirt. Some people may have spilled their drinks on the carpet and caused stains. However, it is not your clients, prospects or vendors job to clean up the messes and ensure that the area looks fantastic. All of that falls on you. So, do the right thing and hire the best Cleaning Services in Bellingham WA.

If you want to give the right impression to people, they need to walk through door and see that everything looks great. You can ensure your best results by talking to the consultant today and telling him what type of problems you are dealing with. For example, you could tell him that you need the carpet, furniture and trash taken care of daily. Next, you can go over your hours of operation and when you would like the service done.

The best professionals can be found when you Visit Frontline Cleaning Services. You will be thrilled with their attention to details, and you will love walking into your professionally cleaned lobby. In fact, everyone that walks in the door will love how clean it is.

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