Choosing a Firm for Air Duct Cleaning in Chicago

Air duct cleaning in Chicago is a difficult task that should be handled by a professional. Always try to have at least three companies in hand and select after making a comparison in terms of cost, services, quality, and commitment. But before hiring a cleaner you should see certain things which are described here.

  • Always ask for an estimate before getting the service.

  • Never trust a cleaner who claims too much regarding health issues.

  • Never hire a person, who suggests a regular duct cleaning, as it is not necessary in any condition.

  • Some people also keep fake EPA certificates to get clients, which is wrong because, EPA is not authorized to issue any such certificate.

  • Ask them to show you the debris or signs of molds to see if you really need cleaning services.

  • You should be aware of the harmful effects of a cleaning chemical, so that you could plan about its application.

  • You should also get some references where the same company has worked before.

  • You should also check with the concerned complaint authorities to see if there is any record of that particular firm.

  • Always see if the service provider has already worked on a same type of system like yours, because experience matters a lot.

  • The company should follow the laws made by NADCA in this regard.

  • You should also see the license, as certain states demand this from an air duct cleaning company, including Chicago.

  • Various companies charge in different ways, and if it includes a cost per hour, you should ask the company to give you the total estimate of the number of hours required. You should also keep an eye to see if the workers are deliberately trying to increase the number of hours to earn more money. Similarly, also check for any hidden charges in terms of tools or additional work.

  • A written agreement would be much better to avoid any dispute, as it includes the details like, job nature, number of hours or days, and a total cost.

There are certain things which should be considered while the cleaning process is going on, and they include:

  • The expert should thoroughly inspect the entire system before cleaning and should see if the insulation needs to be removed, or not. As some ducts have an asbestos lining which needs to be cleaned or removed carefully, hence the worker should be well trained.

  • The vacuum cleaner should be of high quality and in a good condition.

  • The furniture should be covered with a plastic sheet before cleaning.

  • A right brush should be used along with a vacuum, and the cleaner should be well equipped with every tool. Only a very soft brush should be used for a fiber glass duct.

If all these guidelines are followed, the air duct cleaning process would be very successful.

You should keep the ducts cleaned, but if the system gets out of control, then hire a professional. Air Care Services is providing good services and other cities moreover.

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