Choose to Bring the Beauty of Nature Indoors With a Vertical Wall Garden

by | Sep 13, 2019 | Home and Garden

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Decorators, designers, and outdoor enthusiasts know the power of bringing greenery into a space. Plants add a clean, calming feel to indoor spaces and outdoor spaces in Hoboken and elsewhere. Now it is possible to create a vertical wall garden within your home or office, providing the feeling of the outdoors without the maintenance of house plants.

Innovative designs allow materials like lichen (Reindeer moss), ball moss, Provence moss, and forest elements like feathery ferns and eucalyptus sprigs to be transformed into soothing walls for waiting areas, yoga spaces and meditation rooms. The soft textures of curly Provence moss, the cleansing scents of eucalyptus, and the shapes of ball and flat mosses provide 3D walls that soothe the senses and captivate the eyes.

Create a vertical wall garden of a single ball moss or mix and match the materials to suit your décor. Since the materials require no maintenance and last for years, you can be comfortable that the wall will provide lasting tranquility to your space with no effort on your part.

A wide variety of color options as well as moss shapes are available. Choose to cover the area with flat moss in a deep, vibrant green or allow the ball moss to provide a textural focal point in a soothing hue. The addition of limbs of eucalyptus, feather-soft ferns, and other forest plants can add dimension and depth while providing sound-buffering qualities, too.

These vertical gardens are not limited to wall space. They can be placed on ceilings to add architectural balance and beauty. Use them to cover unsightly columns or to accent framed areas of the walls. The serenity of a green space within an office or home area adds peace to the environment. People will want to look, touch and enjoy the ambiance provided by the vertical wall garden.

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