Casement and Awnings in Phoenix Provide for Better Ventilation

The warm weather and sunshine can be wonderful. However, as the sun beats down upon the windows of a building, it can cause the inside temperature to rise accordingly. Casement windows and Awnings in Phoenix are designed to be opened, to allow for maximum air flow between the indoors and outside.

Being able to have flow-through ventilation can make a huge difference when the temperature in an interior space becomes too warm or stuffy. By opening a few windows, the hot air can escape to the outside. The placement of awning windows in an attic area, or at a higher level in a room, can definitely be beneficial for circulation. For removing the stuffiness out of a bathroom area, awnings make an excellent choice over a tub or shower. These windows work especially well on a day when there is a decent breeze blowing outdoors, or on a still day with the addition of a ceiling fan, to assist with moving the inside air.

Awning windows can remain open when it’s raining, since these windows open from the bottom, unlike casement windows which open from the side. When an awning window is in the open position, the window pane provides a shelter area over the window opening that helps keep rain from coming in. Both casement and awning windows open to a 90 degree angle, which allows for greater air circulation whenever it’s desired. For more information on the benefits of casement and awning windows, please visit for more details.

While awnings in Phoenix and casement windows are ideal for the individual who enjoys having the ability to bring the fresh air in, these windows also have an airtight seal that keeps unwanted colder air out. They make an excellent choice for all kinds of weather. Awnings can be stacked as multiple layers of windows in a room, or set alone, depending on the desired look of a space. They provide a beautiful aesthetic appeal that many people see as a charming and welcoming addition to their home’s exterior. In fact, many people are now choosing to incorporate casement and awning windows into their total landscape design for both functionality and the overall look that they provide.

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