Call the Bug Man for Squirrel Control in Plymouth MA

by | Aug 27, 2019 | Pest Control

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Squirrels are playful and cute when they’re gathering acorns for winter, but they’re not so cute when they decide to make your attic their home. When squirrels invade your home, you’ll have to take action before serious damage happens. In this article, you will learn more about controlling squirrels in and around your home.

Ways to Control Squirrels

Some squirrel control jobs are best left to professional trappers, but there are things you can do to help, such as:

  • Keep dog and cat food inside or covered up.
  • Put tight lids on your trash cans.
  • Keep bird feeders at least thirty feet from the home.
  • Keep garden plants covered with hardware cloth or mesh fencing.
  • Use animal scents and high frequency noisemakers for temporary squirrel control Plymouth MA.

When Squirrels’ Chewing Gets Dangerous

We all know that squirrels like to chew on things (mostly twigs and nuts). Chewing is how a squirrel maintains its teeth, but when they start to chew on your home’s wiring, it can be dangerous for both you and the squirrel. The only way to inhibit a destructive squirrel is to hire a pest control company to catch and remove it.

Squirrels in the Home

If you have a squirrel living in your crawlspace or attic, capture and removal is the only sure way to get rid of it. There are several dangers that accompany a squirrel infestation (apart from the wiring destruction we just mentioned). If a squirrel lives in your home long enough, it may nest and give birth, causing even more damage. The easiest squirrel control method is to keep them out entirely. If your home is already infested, hire a trapper and then close off any points of entry. Even a one-inch-wide hole can allow a squirrel to gain access to your home.

Squirrel Catching

Hiring a squirrel control Plymouth MA expert is the only sure way to get rid of the animal, but you shouldn’t hire one without being aware of your state’s laws. Squirrels give birth in autumn and again in spring—and having baby squirrels in your home creates an entirely new set of problems. If you’re not sure how to deal with the situation, call the Alamo Pest Control Environment Services, LLC.

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