Buy Top-Quality Amish Made Lighthouses from Skilled Woodworking Artisans in Lancaster County

Lighthouses and other nautical decor are popular today in many locations across America and even the world. The history of lighthouses is something everyone should learn, and the lighthouses still here in the United States all have a unique background and story to tell. If you’ve always loved lighthouses that dot the coastlines of this country, consider buying top-quality Amish-made lighthouses in Lancaster County, PA, currently for sale by expert woodworking artisans at reasonable costs.

Where Was the First Known Built Lighthouse Located?

Historians point to the Pharos of Alexandria, Egypt as the location where the first known lighthouse was built. The Egyptian ruler Ptolemy l, along with his son Ptolemy ll are credited with this lighthouse’s construction way back in 300 to 280 BC. This was a time period where Egypt was a leader of the ancient world, and the structure was said to stand 450 ft high. Back then, this famous lighthouse was considered one of the seven wonders from that ancient world and was demolished through the centuries in stages by various invaders as well as earthquakes in the region. It lasted well into the 1300s.

What Are the Oldest Current Lighthouses Still Standing?

The La Coruna Lighthouse situated in Spain dates back to around 20 BC. This lighthouse is considered the world’s oldest still standing lighthouse. The Romans built a lighthouse on the Cliffs of Dover, now in the UK, somewhere around 40 AD that can still be visited today. Some of the intricate Amish-made lighthouses in Lancaster County, PA, tourists and residents can purchase are modeled after well-known lighthouses in the United States.

Types of Lighthouse Outdoor Lawn Decor

Lighthouse enthusiasts can find lighthouse lawn decor as mailboxes, free-standing structures, on wood carvings or as stone lighthouse lampposts.

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