Beyond Cleaning Services: Manhattan, NY Tips for a Tidy Home

by | Jan 7, 2014 | Cleaning

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Thanks to professional cleaning services, Manhattan, NY residents can get help keeping their homes tidy. However, even people who take advantage of those useful companies often need pointers about keeping things organized between the dates when the cleaners visit. If your home is messier than you’d like, keep reading for some ideas to start using today.

Store What You Don’t Use Often

Many residences in New York City are very small. Whether yours falls into that category, or you’re just tired of looking at unneeded items that are cluttering up your home, think about renting a storage unit. Alternatively, buy closet and under-bed organizers to neatly conceal seasonal items or other things you don’t use on a regular basis. Besides freeing up space in the house, it also means if you depend on cleaning services, Manhattan, NY specialists will have more room to work efficiently.

Take Time for Tidiness

People often have every intention of living in a clean home, only later realizing that goal can be harder to meet than it seems. Make progress by committing yourself to spending a particular amount of time every day doing some basic cleanup duties, even if it only means washing the dishes and picking up a few stray toys after the kids have gone to bed. When you do a little bit every day like that, it should be easier to stay motivated and not get overwhelmed.

Get Tools and Cleaners That Save Time

While employed by a company that offers cleaning services, Manhattan, NY workers quickly become accustomed to special equipment that’s made for the job. Follow their leads and stock up on a few items found in supermarkets.

For example, daily shower cleaner can cut down on soap scum so you can go for longer amounts of time without having to clean the shower extremely thoroughly. There are also special mops that clean hard floors without water, because they use wet wipes instead.

These suggestions should help maintain your home between scheduling cleaning services. Manhattan, NY is full of people who have a lot to do in very little time. If you’re among them, use the ideas above to be more efficient.


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