Best Lawn Treatment Service: Taking Care of the Lawn in Fall

In order to maintain a healthy lawn year-round, preparation for winter must begin in the fall. Fall preparation is crucial to your lawn’s cold weather resilience. Lucky for you, our experts at Total Spraying LLC. offer the best lawn treatment service in Jacksonville, FL and have assembled our best lawn care tips.


It is important to remember that even if the soil is nutritionally dense, over time these nutrients will lessen. To ensure grass growth, fertilization is a necessity. Another benefit of fertilization is the reduction of the occurrence of weeds. With fewer weeds and abundant grass growth, your lawn will have a greater chance of staying fresh and healthy regardless of the season.


Another great tip on fall lawn maintenance is seeding the lawn in the fall. While the warm season grasses should be seeded in spring, certain types of grass do well when they are planted in the fall. However, keep in mind that timing is critical. If seeding is not done at the correct time you may end up with patchy grass coverage.

We know how preparing your lawn for the winter season can be tricky, which is why our lawn experts at Total Spraying LLC. are with you every step of the way. Our experts offer the best lawn treatment service and expertise in winter preparation, grass types, and other beneficial lawn plants.

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