Best Lawn Treatment Service: Taking Care of the Lawn in Fall

If you want to have a healthy lawn all year round, you have to think about preparing the lawn for winter in the fall. The amount of attention you give your lawn in the fall will determine whether it survives the cold winter or not. Here are some of the fall lawn care tips from the Best Lawn Treatment Service providers.

Fertilizing the lawn

To promote the growth of healthy grass on your lawn, you need to fertilize the lawn sufficiently. Most of the times, people forget that even though the soil may have a high percentage of nutrient content, with time, the nutrients become depleted. Fertilizing the lawn will promote the health of the grass growing on it. When the quality of the grass improves, the occurrence of weeds on the lawn will become limited. This will assure you of round the year lawn health.

Watering the lawn

Most people make the mistake of reducing the water supply to the lawn because the summer heat has dissipated. However, just because it is not as hot as it was in the summer does not mean that the watering needs of the grass have reduced. Ensure that you maintain sustainable levels of lawn watering. If you live in the north, it is recommended that you water your lawn up until the first complete freeze. On the other hand, people that live in the south should water their lawns once every two weeks or so till the snow sets in.

Seeding the lawn

Another great tip on fall lawn maintenance is seeding the lawn in the fall. While the warm season grasses should be seeded in spring, cool season grasses do well when they are planted in the fall. If you do not do the seeding at the right time, you may end up with sparse grass coverage on your lawn.

These are tips that can help you prepare your lawn for the winter. In case you do not know about the right grass types or other plants to use o your lawn, ask for the help of the Best Lawn Treatment Service providers. You can get these services by visiting

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