Benefits Offered by Slate Roofing in Harrisburg, PA

The tiles for Slate Roofing in Harrisburg PA, are derived from a type of metamorphic rock that is considered extremely durable. This makes it an ideal roofing material. In the past, slate roofing was only found where the material was found in abundance. However, today it is shipped from all the different continents, providing a number of different thicknesses, sizes, and colors for roofing. Much like any other roofing option, there are a number of pros and cons that go along with slate.

Great Looking

One of the biggest benefits offered by Slate Roofing in Harrisburg PA, is that it offers a number of natural, vibrant colors. There are also different thicknesses and sizes, which offer a unique appeal for all types of architectural styles.

Increased Value

When slate roofing is used for a home, it will actually increase the home’s value. Unlike traditional asphalt roofing, slate will increase the look and value of any home.

Requires Professional Installation

The primary issue most homeowners face with slate roofing is improper installation. It is essential that a professional and reputable roofing contractor is used for installation. Failure to do this can result in serious consequences for the entire structure.

Fire and Weather Resistant

Slate roofing is also weather and fire resistant. Unlike the other types of popular roofing materials, slate roofing is able to withstand the elements better than virtually every other option on the market today.

Environmentally Friendly

Slate roofing is also considered to be 100 percent eco-friendly. It is a natural product and is safe to put back into the Earth. This is not the situation for most other roofing materials, including asphalt shingles. This makes it even more appealing for those who are interested in saving the planet. offers additional information about installing slate roofing and all the benefits it offers. For homeowners who are seeking a unique type of roofing that is more resilient and durable than all the other options, slate may be just what they should consider. Keep this information in mind to help make an educated decision regarding the roofing for a home.

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