Bathroom Vanity Ideas and Tips

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Home Improvement

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A lovely vanity design can be an excellent addition to your bathroom. However, this will require careful planning and an eye for details. With plenty of decisions that you’ll need to stay on top of, here are some tips to help you design your vanity space.

Choose your team

Before you settle on a layout, you’ll want to pick an experienced contractor to help you. For experts in bathroom vanities, contact Acorn Kitchen and Bath for help and consultation at (248) 335-0111. With a professional by your side, you can get the layout you want.

Think about your storage space

Before you start checking out bathroom vanities in Rochester, MI consider how much storage you want in your vanity. Do you want to have enough space for your towels and supplies? Some people go for hanging cabinets and a vanity so that might be a good option for you as well, especially if you want space saving solutions.

Think about the number of sinks

How many sinks must you have? If you want a bathroom space that’s tailored to you and your partner’s needs, then you’ll want to put in one for each of you. That should make it easier for you both to prepare for work in the mornings. Your contractor can also suggest other kitchen designs that might appeal to couples or growing families like yours.

Talk about the style

What kind of style do you want? Something classy and Victorian? Or do you want something relaxed and casual? What about tropical-paradise inspired designs that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a resort or beach for the holidays? Think about that when you talk to your bathroom remodel consultant. Discuss everything, from the color scheme to the door style you want, the type of drawers and more.

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