Air Conditioner Repair Services In Palatine

A central air conditioning system operates using a number of components, any of which could malfunction at any time. Routine maintenance is necessary to keep all parts functioning correctly and to prevent damage to other parts. Having the air conditioning system inspected by a professional in the field of air conditioner repair in Palatine at least once each year can help ensure the system operates at full power and efficiency.

The filters associated with the air conditioning system are a key element in allowing the air conditioner to work well. Filters trap dirt and debris, preventing them from making their way further into the duct work or the main unit. Clogged and dirty filters prevent air from flowing adequately and reduce the system’s ability to cool properly. These filters should be cleaned or changed at least once each month.

During a yearly inspection, an air conditioner repair, Palatine service will check duct work to ensure it is free from dirt, dust, hair and pet fur. If the duct work is obstructed, the repair service will clean it out, allowing air to circulate as it should.

Mechanical components within the air conditioning unit itself should also be examined. The coils can become clogged with dirt and leaves over time. This will cause the unit to work improperly, either failing to cool when needed or running constantly without cycling off when it should. In addition to causing extremely high electricity costs, this could also damage other electrical and mechanical parts within the unit. The coils should be cleaned or replaced as necessary.

Air conditioning units implement evaporator and condenser coils with fins. Much like the condenser on a vehicle, the fins on these parts can easily be bent, which will restrict air flow. Air conditioner repair specialists in Palatine have access to a tool that can quickly and simply straighten any bent fins.

Repair technicians possess the knowledge, skill and equipment to resolve any issue concerning central heating and air conditioning systems. Whether the unit simply needs a refrigerant recharge or the entire system needs to be replaced, Five Star Heating & Air, Inc can restore the system to its original efficiency.

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