5 Indicators Your Bakersfield Home Needs Window Replacement

Replacing windows in a home is a significant home renovation project, but it is well worth the investment. New windows make a Bakersfield home look well-maintained, helps to reduce HVAC system costs throughout the year and also adds to the curb appeal of any property.

However, there are often a host of other reasons besides the home’s appearance that signal you need to consider window replacement. If you notice these signs, talk to the window experts at Northwest Exteriors for a customized plan for replacing your windows that fits your style and your budget.

Leaks Around the Windows

In Bakersfield, cold air and condensation is not typically an issue, which can make problems with leaks around windows hard to detect. If rain, high humidity or damp conditions lead to water stains, dampness or signs of mold growing around windows, there is a seal and leak problem.

Keep in mind, if moisture can get into the home, air-conditioned cool air is flowing out. This may result in higher than average electricity bills in the summer and the home is feeling cooler throughout the winter months.

Frame Issues

Older styles of wooden frames on home windows in Bakersfield can begin to rot, warp or crack. Signs of these types of issues with the frame can eventually lead to problems with opening and closing the windows.

Frame problems can also be a source of leaks around the windows, and loose windows can rattle and crack easily, which means window replacement is necessary.

Outdoor Noise

Old styles of glass coupled with the failing seal around the windows lead to higher levels of outdoor noise in the house. New window replacement can be sound limiting, giving you back the peace and tranquility you want in the interior of your home.

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