4 Tips for Choosing Commercial Cleaning Services

A clean working environment is important to employees and customers, and hiring Commercial Cleaning Services should be near the top of the office manager’s to-do list. Because the cleaning service plays such an important role in the company, owners should take as much care in selecting a cleaner as they do in choosing employees. Below are several tips to help business owners choose the right commercial cleaning service.

Get Quotes from Multiple Cleaning Services

While most people think that cleaning isn’t skilled labor, it requires getting quotes from multiple providers. Clients trust the cleaning service’s staff to have access to all parts of the business, and to clean expensive, sensitive equipment. Different companies offer varying level of service, and if a client chooses the first cleaner they call, they may miss out on important services. The only way to avoid paying too much for service is to interview a variety of cleaning companies to make a side-by-side comparison of products and services.

Get References

Once the customer narrows their list of choices, they should get references from each. If possible, call the references to determine whether they were happy with the Commercial Cleaning Services they received, and visit past customers to see firsthand the kind of job the company does.

Find Out About the Hiring Process

It’s important for customers to find out how the cleaning company vets its employees, to ensure that the staff is trustworthy. The company and its staff should be insured and bonded to protect the client from monetary losses if an employee causes damage or gets hurt on the job.

Read the Service Agreement

Once a client chooses a cleaning company, they should carefully read the contract before signing. Reputable companies won’t intentionally omit services or increase prices, but mistakes sometimes happen. It’s best for the client to read the entire contract and review details with a company representative, so there are no unpleasant surprises once service starts.

Office cleaners are a critical part of a company’s daily operations, even if their efforts go largely unseen. By following the tips above, clients can get the services they need at a fair price. Visit Nomorechores.com for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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