4 Reasons for a Bathroom Makeover

Bathrooms often receive the least amount of attention in many homes. If you’re thinking about giving yours an upgrade but can’t quite decide whether to go through with that or not, here’s why you should. These are tell-tale signs that an upgrade is the best move for you.

Outdated Décor

Is the décor stuck in the 1990s? If the colors are all outdated, the trends have changed and your preferences are no longer the same, then it’s time for an upgrade. Decide on the color and tiles, the texture you want, the patterns, and more. Talk to experts about it. Look for pros that offer bathroom renovation in Fairfax, VA, to get you started.

Cramped Interiors

Is your bathroom too small for you? If you want a bigger space since you want to spend more time in the bathroom, then that’s definitely a good reason why you’ll want to go for an upgrade. If you want a spot where you could relax while you soak in the tub or maybe you want to replace that shower stall with a tub, go ahead. A complete bathroom renovation can give you what you want.

Damaged Bathroom

Have you been living with a damaged showerhead or faulty sink for quite some time now? Improve your comfort levels by renovating your bathroom. Go for a new paint. Put new tiles. If you have broken tiles or even a damaged sink, replace them. Now’s the time to get all that done. If you plan to sell the property later, a makeover can help improve your property values.

Bad Lighting

A lot of the old bathrooms retain that dim lighting. But if you want to change that, if you want a dimmer but also clear lights for your photos and selfies, then talk to your contractor about making those changes.

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