3 Signs You Need Professional Pest Control Services in Rochester, MN

by | Mar 18, 2024 | Pest Control

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Your property should be your haven and not a refuge for pests. If pesky pests infest your property, it will take them a short period to wreak havoc and damage your belongings. That said, always request professional pest control services in Rochester, MN when you notice one or more of the below-mentioned signs.

1. Pest Droppings

Tiny pest droppings in different parts of your building, including the basement, attics and pantries, are a sign of infestation. A professional pest control in Minnesota expert will quickly eliminate the pests. They will also remove the droppings and block any gaps pests can use to enter your property.

2. Strange Sounds

Strange noises in different parts of your property, especially at night, are also a sign to get professional pest control services in Rochester, MN. These sounds may include squeaking, scratching and whining. You may also hear soft tapings, which is a sign of termites eating wood.

3. Structural Damage

You should consider hiring a professional pest control Minnesota expert if you notice structural damage in different parts of your property. Pesky pests can ruin your wooden structures, roof, wires, pipes, attic and others. Dealing with the pests before they cause extensive damage is important.

Request Professional Pest Control Services

Adam’s Pest Control is a family-owned business serving customers in Rochester, MN, and the surrounding areas. Since opening in 1971, the business has created a reputation for providing quality services and guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction. Contact Adam’s Pest Control to request pest control services.

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