What to Do If Your Garage Door Opener No Longer Works?

If you use your garage door opener to get in and out of your house then having it not work can be a hassle. Many people do not even carry their house keys anymore since they can just go in through the garage, but anyone who has gotten stuck outside until someone else gets home knows that it is worth it to keep a key with you and to make sure your garage door opener works. If yours is broken the, you can buy garage door openers in Westchester, NY and just about anywhere with a battery or garage shop. Before you do that, though, here are a couple of things to check.

Check Your Battery

This is the cause of 90% of garage door opener problems. Like any other battery, your garage door opener’s battery will eventually go dead. It may continue to work intermittently for several months or even years, but it is eventually going to fail. These batteries are very easy to replace, usually just requiring removing a few screws. Be careful not to mess up any of the jumpers in your remote, which leads to the next point.

Check Your Jumpers

Most garage door openers, especially older models, use a simple code that is set by a series of jumpers. Different brands and models will have a different number of codes, but most will have between 4 and 8 jumpers. The placement of these jumpers sets the code for the remote which allows it to control the garage door opener.

Check The Garage Door Opener Itself

It is rare for these to fail, but it does happen. Check and see if you can open the door from the inside. If not then check and make sure the garage door opener did not come unplugged. You should also check the fuse or breaker and make sure it was not overloaded.

If you have tried these steps and still cannot get your garage door opener to work, then you may need to call a shop and have them check it out.

If you need to buy new garage door openers in Westchester, NY, then check out Action Lock & Door Company.

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